From the 1st of February, I will be working as a Professor for Digital Media in Puppetry at the Hochschule fuer Schauspielkunst Ernst-Busch in Berlin, Germany. While I am excited to take on this position, it will mean that development ...Read More


Some caveats before I dive in: I do not have a background in computer programming. I wanted to make movies and ended up creating animation software. I am fortunate enough to have had access to a wide array of different software ...Read More


Alas, it took about a day and some more tutorial making to discover a rather crucial problem with the Node and Scripting system. Which is fixed now, but you will need to re-download, sadly, if you want to work with ...Read More


It is with great pleasure that I announce Version 1.00 of Moviesandbox to be released today. (Update - 17. Dec.: 1.00 only lasted a day or so, we're now at 1.01!) Head on over to the downloads section to get your ...Read More