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Alas, it took about a day and some more tutorial making to discover a rather crucial problem with the Node and Scripting system. Which is fixed now, but you will need to re-download, sadly, if you want to work with nodes and scripting.
I have updated All the links on the website to version 1.01 and left an announcement on the forum. I am sure this won’t be the only thing that needs fixing, so please let me know if you run into any sadness!

In brighter news, I will be doing a live-streaming on my channel tomorrow from 4pm, for about an hour or maybe a bit more. I’m happy to answer any questions, fix problems and explain things during that time, so drop by if you have a chance.

Also: I am uploading 2 more videos to vimeo as I write this: basic timeline and node tutorials. Kinect video should hopefully be up by tonight.
Have a great weekend!

(today’s picture is from the redesigned second issue of Machinimag)

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