This is the first update regarding the example movie I will produce alongside the Kickstarter project. I'll post progress reports weekly - if time allows - and today will share a quick storyboard for one of the earlier scenes in the ...Read More


As the title suggests, please help fund Version 1.0 of Moviesandbox on Kickstarter! I have been working on this software for ages, and would love to focus for the next couple of months to finally fix it up and release ...Read More


Every once in a while I have to remind myself that working on Moviesandbox really isn't just fixing bugs and structuring code, but it's creating a tool for animation that will be nice to look at. This weekend, I played ...Read More


One of the main reasons I started this whole project was the need to get away from the constant mouse/keyboard clicking to create animation. Every day I am jealously looking over to my office-mate Nick's sound setup and all of ...Read More