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One of the main reasons I started this whole project was the need to get away from the constant mouse/keyboard clicking to create animation. Every day I am jealously looking over to my office-mate Nick’s sound setup and all of the gadgets he has plugged into his computer that allow him to create sound while turning knobs, pushing sliders or playing with joysticks.
I feel that haptic variety is definitely helpful when you work on computers all day, and especially when trying to work creatively. And while game-pad support is helpful, and there’s fun stuff you can do with gametrak devices, the real deal would be an actual skeleton that I could pose with my hands to create animations.

(aforementioned GameTrak interfaces can be a fun distraction!)

Which is why I started to work on a small hardware project that will hopefully connect nicely to Moviesandbox. It’s a set of joints that sense their rotation and send it to the computer. Once connected, one should be able to create a skeleton from them, and thus use that for key-frame animation. Right now, it looks like this:
hall effect sensing joint

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