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I am hard at work adding cross-plattform Microsoft Kinect support for the next version of Moviesandbox. So far things are shaping up okay. I added a new Tool for kinect capturing in the “tools” folder that will do all of the kinecting and send its data to the main application using shared memory. That way, Moviesandbox’s interface will stay nice and clean and I can do all my setting up of the kinect capture in separate software.
The tool itself is open-source too, but you will need openFrameworks to compile and/or change it.
Here is what the tool looks like:

On Windows, you need the latest unstable OpenNI kinect drivers installed. On Mac OSX things run out of the box. The tool open from within Moviesandbox once you click on the (new!) “Import from Kinect” icon in the drawing tab. It’ll be stable and all that for the release.

Here’s a picture of the preview in MSB:
kinect preview in moviesandbox

It still needs some calibration for the color to fit the depth image, but I’ll get to that eventually.

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