kinect point projection

I am hard at work adding cross-plattform Microsoft Kinect support for the next version of Moviesandbox. So far things are shaping up okay. I added a new Tool for kinect capturing in the "tools" folder that will do all of ...Read More


Moviesandbox has moved to GitHub! Mostly because all the cool kids are doing it. You will find a list of recent commits to your right, and that should prove to you that I am still very committed (ha!) to Moviesandbox and ...Read More


Happy New Year everyone! The good news is that most of my travelling will now be a thing of the past, at least for a couple of months, as I am getting nice and cozy in my new country of residence. ...Read More


So, it's been rather quiet these past weeks on the moviesandbox HQ. The main reason being that the need for earning some cold, hard cash has caught up with me and will keep me busy until the end of the ...Read More