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Moviesandbox is an Open-Source 3D realtime animation tool with focus on ease of use and quick sketching. Instead of modelling characters and props like in traditional 3D Applications, you can just draw things into the scene, or scan them using a Microsoft Kinect or other scanning software. This leads to a somewhat unique art-style that is different to the common 3D computer-game look of other realtime-animation tools. It also leads to a different workflow that is much more iterative and, hopefully, fun.


Draw your sets and characters!

This allows for fast sketching of ideas and unique art styles. There’s a set of drawing tools within MSB, but you can import any .TGA file with an alpha channel to create props or characters.
Moviesandbox then allows you to create bone-systems for your characters for animation and the like.


Create Skeletons and Animations!

After drawing a character, simpley click together a skeleton and paint the bone weights, all within Moviesandbox. If you use the Moviesandbox bone naming convention, it also automatically generates procedural movement cycles for your character. How exciting!


Node based scripting!

You can script keyboard other controller input for live performances directly withon Moviesandbox, using a simple Node-based system. You can also script animation sequences, triggers, cameras and the like.

If you are unsure if Moviesandbox is for you, go take a look at the Examples page to get a feel for how it works.

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