Doing the Kickstarter thing was quite the experience. Since this is a relatively new way to get a project funded, i decided to publish some of the Data I acquired through my funding campaign. And I'll also have some words ...Read More


UPDATED - SEE BOTTOM OF POST! This sunday (May 8th), at 4pm EST, I will be live streaming and performing the Moviesandbox example movie that I promised to make during my Kickstarter campaign . You can all tune in and watch live ...Read More


As an example project to show how Moviesandbox can be used for real-time digital Puppeteering, I created a scene with two fish telling each other a joke. It's two of my socks, outfitted with Hannah's neoprene Bend Sensors and connected to ...Read More


So, in the last update I told you about the User-Feedback sessions I am running here at the pirateship workspace. While user feedback about bugs and crashes is great and running software on different hardware is insanely valuable for the development ...Read More