Some caveats before I dive in: I do not have a background in computer programming. I wanted to make movies and ended up creating animation software. I am fortunate enough to have had access to a wide array of different software ...Read More


It is with great pleasure that I announce Version 1.00 of Moviesandbox to be released today. (Update - 17. Dec.: 1.00 only lasted a day or so, we're now at 1.01!) Head on over to the downloads section to get your ...Read More


Before starting the video-tutorial filming process, I wanted to at least have the color scheme, grid texture and icons close to what it'll be like in the 1.0 release. Here is a screenshot on what it looks like as of ...Read More


I fixed up the Forums, so Registration should work again. I allowed myself an hour to update the header images of both the forums and wiki to look like from this decade. The Mailinglist has been purged of spam (I ...Read More