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This is the first update regarding the example movie I will produce alongside the Kickstarter project.

I’ll post progress reports weekly – if time allows – and today will share a quick storyboard for one of the earlier scenes in the movie.

It’s short, but was very helpful to determine what needs tweaking. I think one crucial new feature in Version 1.0 will be symmetrical drawing… :-)

Also, Storyboard means that this is not the final piece that will go into the movie. I will have a proper character and some more time with that bed-frame and cupboard and all for the finished thing.

In other news, we had a first testing session here at the p.irateship work-share and bajillions of things have been brought to light. Intel Graphics cards are a tough nut to crack it seems and the overall navigation experience needs some more options and some more thoughts in terms of UI design. A number of crucial bugs have been found though and Jeff even managed to draw a pirateship all by himself:

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