UPDATED - SEE BOTTOM OF POST! This sunday (May 8th), at 4pm EST, I will be live streaming and performing the Moviesandbox example movie that I promised to make during my Kickstarter campaign . You can all tune in and watch live ...Read More


As an example project to show how Moviesandbox can be used for real-time digital Puppeteering, I created a scene with two fish telling each other a joke. It's two of my socks, outfitted with Hannah's neoprene Bend Sensors and connected to ...Read More


So, in the last update I told you about the User-Feedback sessions I am running here at the pirateship workspace. While user feedback about bugs and crashes is great and running software on different hardware is insanely valuable for the development ...Read More


This is the first update regarding the example movie I will produce alongside the Kickstarter project. I'll post progress reports weekly - if time allows - and today will share a quick storyboard for one of the earlier scenes in the ...Read More